Races -- Dragonsired
 Living testament to the eternal connection between mortal and dragons, dragonsired struggle to choose between heritages or striking a balanced between them.

Dragonsired traits:

Average Height: As non-draconic parent or ancestor race
Average Weight: As non-draconic parent or ancestor race

Ability Scores: +2 Strength +2 Charisma
Size: As non-draconic parent or ancestor race.
Speed: As non-draconic parent or ancestor race.
Vision: Low Light

Languages: Common, Draconic
Skill Bonuses: +2 Athletics, +2 Endurance

Shapechanger: Dragonsired are considered to have the Shapechanger keyword.

Draconic Half-breed: Choose a race that is the race of your non-draconic parent or ancestor. You can take feats that have that race as a prerequisite.

Dragon Blood: Choose one damage type from the following list; acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder. You have resistance to that damage type equal to 5 +½ your level.

Draconic Aspect: You can use the draconic aspect racial power as an at-will power.

Draconic Power: You can use the draconic power racial power as an encounter power.

Racial Features:

Draconic Aspect
Dragonsired Racial Power
Your skin becomes covered in scales, your teeth lengthen, and a tail and vestigial wings sprout from your body and your true nature is revealed.

At-Will • Polymorph
Move Action - Personal
You gain a +1 racial bonus to AC and a +2 racial bonus to damage rolls made with unarmed attacks until the end of your next turn.
Sustain Minor: The effect persists.

Draconic Power
Dragonsired Racial Power
Calling upon the power of your draconic ancestors, you unleash a blast of energy against your enemies.

Minor Action - Area burst 1 within 5 squares

All creatures in burst.
Attack: Charisma +2 vs. Reflex or Constitution +2 vs. Reflex, or Dexterity vs. Reflex.
1d6 + Charisma modifier damage of the type your Dragon Blood ability gives you resistance to. Increase this to a +4 bonus and 2d6 damage at 11th level and a +6 bonus and 3d6 damage at 21st level.
Special: At first level, choose Charisma, Constitution or Dexterity as the ability score used when making attack rolls with this power.

Dragonsired are the true breeding offspring or ancestors of the union between transformed dragon and mortal. While they usually fit in well with their mortal brethren, they are just as often privy to their draconic instincts of hoarding, wandering far from home, and overindulging their senses.

Play a Dragonsired if you want...

  • To play a character with a strong connection to the mighty dragons of Ere
  • To play a more instinct driven, or bestial character.
  • To play a fighter, paladin or warlord.


In their normal form, dragonsired look like normal members of their race. However, they tend to look slightly more feral than their kin, often with slightly elongated canines, untamable hair, or oddly colored eyes and hair.

Which their draconic heritage makes itself known, usually though the draconic aspect power, they sprout wings, scales and a tail of a color reminiscent of their draconic progenitor. Occasionally, once they manifest this ability the first time (usually at puberty), certain physical abnormalities (most commonly, patches of scales) remain apparent.


When the yolk of dragon oppression was cast off, even the dragon nations that did not take part in the Dragon Dynasties were looked upon with fear and distrust among the lay folk and eventually, all chose self exile to the southern peninsula, the mountains, deserts and steppes of Taunuan.

And yet some could not relinquish their curiosity about mortals or their love of their culture and customs. Using rituals of transformation and disguise, they lived in secret among mortals; taking on local customs and even taking mortal lovers. The results of these unions carried within them the powerful potential of both their mortal and draconic parents and over generations, has been shown to breed true; the child of a dragonsired individual will always be a dragonsired themselves.

Though there is no true way of telling, many historical figures have been rumored to be dragonsired and more than a few charlatans have claimed the same. But it has only been recently, in a the wake of the Thirteen Nations Accord and a greater general acceptance of dragons in general, that dragonsired have sought to forge a racial identity for themselves.

Modern dragonsired, knowing that they cannot truly relate to their draconic cousins (and in some cases, parents and grand parents; rare is the non-disguised dragon that cares for its mortal young), dragonsired feel an odd sense of kinship with one another and find comfort in teaching one another how to control their draconic urges and abilities.

While still few in number, dragonsired often find themselves at the center of gossip and rumors without even trying. Most dragonsired adventurers do so as a more healthy outlet for their inborn wanderlust and hoarding instinct.

Dragonsired Characteristics: Flighty, curious, passionate, short tempered, conflicted

Names: Dragonsired are typically given typical of their non-draconic parent or ancestor’s race, but once they learn of their heritage, many take on a name more fitting for a descendant of the mighty dragons.
Dragon Names (with translations):
Karst (of the green), Enderess (Bluescales), Hulden (Acidspitter), Manurhi (golden one).

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