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Introducing mechanics rules and items for use in the World of Ere.

Magical items and alchemical substances are not the only objects that can be created in the pursuit of adventure. Mechanics are a potent and unique alternative.

Mechanical items, also called devices, are usually powered by clockwork, steam, or pump actions and can provide effects on the level of magical items. No magic is needed to create these devices, but mechanical parts are required. These items are expensive and hard to come by, so most mechanists turn to adventure to pay for their craft.Mechanical devices can be created by characters with the Mechanist feat:

Heroic Tier
Prerequisites: You can make mechanical items of your level or lower. You must have the correct schematic and an appropriate skill.
Special: If you receive the Ritual Caster feat as a class feature, you can take the Mechanist feat instead.

Gaining and Using Mechanical Schematics
Like rituals, mechanical schematics can be bought, sold, or found as treasure. They are, however, entirely mundane and are thus usually less expensive than rituals and rarely require a focus item (though some require such as a power source).

A character that wants to use a schematic must purchase one or be taught one (both cost the same). Each schematic lists a cost and creation time needed to produce the object whose creation it describes. Some mechanical items as so mundane that they are listed as common weapons or adventuring gear. The price, level and relevant skills are listed on the accompanying table.

Mechanical items use components called parts, which can be bought, found as treasure, or gathered from dismantling mechanical items (see below).

Each mechanical schematic has a category that defines the type of item it creates.

  • Weapon: A mechanical weapon can be a mundane weapon (such as a six gun), or a special weapon of a given type that rivals magical weapons (such as an expanding staff).
  • Tool: Mechanical tools help aid in skill usages or other mundane tasks. They may give an equipment bonus, or allow a skill to be used in a new way.
  • Accessory: A mechanical accessory works in many ways like a wondrous magical item. They provide unique effects but provide no inherent bonus to defenses.
  • Apparatus: An apparatus is either immobile, or large enough to be effectively immobile. These can be siege weapons, vehicle additions, or terrain features. Apparatuses are more useful for characters defending a position than those assailing one.
  • Automaton: Automatons are clockwork or steamwork creatures designed to perform a task. They are mindless outside of their given task and make terrible combatants.
  • Other: Some items create miscellaneous effects that don’t fall into the other mechanical categories.

Dismantling Existing Mechanical Items
A character with the mechanist feat can dismantle mechanical items, gaining usable parts worth 1/5 the cost of the dismantled device. These parts can be used to make new devices, or traded for new parts.

Most traps found in dungeons either rely on magical means, or are too old. primitive or integrated into the local architecture to produce unable parts. The DM is encouraged, however, to occasionally add parts from a purely mechanical trap as part of a treasure parcel.


Mechanical Devices

Expanding Staff
Level: 2
Category: Weapon
Time: 2 hours
Component Cost: see below
Market Price: 80gp
Key Skill: Thievery

This two foot long metal tube can expand with the touch of a switch into a 6 foot long quarterstaff or a 10 foot pole. It collapses with the touch of another button.

Expanding Staff   Level 2 
Lvl 2 +1 520gp Lvl 17 +4 65,000gp
Lvl 7 +2 2,600gp Lvl 22 +5 325,000gp
Lvl 12 +3 13,000gp Lvl 27 +6 1,625,000gp

Weapon: This item is a mace when collapsed into a baton and a quarterstaff when expanded into a quarterstaff.
Attack rolls and damage rolls.
+1d6 damage per plus.
+1 item bonus to damage rolls when attacking with this item as a quarterstaff or wielding it in your off hand as a baton.
Power (At-Will): As a minor action, this item extends or contracts into a quarterstaff, 10 foot pole, or a baton. The baton form of this item is a one handed mace with the offhand property that deals 1d6 damage.
Power (Encounter): Free action. You expand or contract this item unexpectedly. The next target you attack with it grants you combat advantage.


Flexcoil Whip
Level: 3
Category: Weapon
Time: 4 hours
Component Cost: see below
Market Price: 100gp
Key Skill: Thievery

A flexcoil whip is a combat whip made up of a core of flexible metal encircled by metal rings to which thin wires are attached. By applying pressure to the handle, the wielder can cause it to coil tightly around body parts.

Flexcoil Whip   Level 3 
Lvl 3  +1 680gp Lvl 18  +4 85,000gp
Lvl 8  +2 3,400gp Lvl 23  +5 425,000gp
Lvl 13  +3 17,000gp Lvl 28  +6 2,125,000gp

Weapon: This weapon is a combat whip.
Attack rolls and damage rolls and the target is knocked prone.
+1d4 damage per plus and the target is knocked prone.
Power (Daily):
Free Action. Use this power when you hit with an attack with this item. The target is restrained until the start of your next turn. Sustain move; the effect persists. If you attack with this item, you can no longer sustain this power.

Grappling Pistol
Level: 5
Category: Tool
Time: 3 Hours
Component Cost: 1,000
Market Price: 125
Key Skill: Athletics (no check)

This compact, pistol grip device uses compressed steam to fire a grappling hook trailing a high tension wire. A clockwork mechanism reels the line back in, making long climbs easier.

Grappling Pistol Level 5
Lvl 5 1,000gp

+2 equipment bonus to Athletics checks made to climb. If you are trained in Athletics, this bonus stacks with the bonus from a climbing kit.
Power (Encounter):
Standard action. Targets an object weighting no more than five pounds. Deal 2 damage to that object and pull it into your square.

Handheld Buzz-saw
Level: 4
Category: Weapon
Time: 4 hours
Component Cost: see below
Market Price: 150gp
Key Skill: Thievery

This bizarre device fits over the hand to position a pump device. Squeezing the pump causes the saw to spin rapidly, making it a deadly weapon.

Handheld Buzz-saw   Level 4 
Lvl 4  +1 840gp Lvl 19  +4 105,000gp
Lvl 9 +2 4,200gp Lvl 24  +5 525,000gp
Lvl 14  +3 21,000gp Lvl 29 +6 2,625,000gp

Weapon: This weapon is a katar.
Attack rolls and damage rolls.
+1d8 damage per plus
This weapon ignored 5 points of resistance when attacking objects.

Level 14 or 19: ignore 10 points of resistance
Level 24 or 29: ignore 15 points of resistance

Power (Daily): Free action. On your next successful attack with this item, ignore all resistances of the target against the damage dealt by that attack.

Ox Strength Harness
Level: 5
Category: Accessory
Time: 6 hours
Component Cost: see below
Market Price: 200gp
Key Skill: Nature

Either built into scale or plate mail or as a stand alone system of clockwork and pulleys, ox strength harnesses are designed to aid in more efficient displays of strength and heavy lifting over short periods of time. Ox strength harnesses can also be made to fit animals and monsters in which case, they cannot be used by humanoids.

Ox Strength Harness Level 5+
Lvl 5 1,000gp Lvl 15 25000gp
Lvl 25 6,250,o00gp    

+1 equipment bonus to strength check rolls.
Power (Encounter):
Standard action. You treat your strength as if it were 5 points higher when determining your normal load, heavy load and maximum drag load for the next five minutes. You cannot use this power again for half an hour.

Level 15: 10 points higher
Level 25: 20 points higher

Steam Booster
Level: 9
Category: Accessory
Time: 4 hours
Component Cost: 4,200
Market Price: 500gp
Key Skill: Athletics

This miniaturized steam condenser attaches to the small of the back and aids jumps and improves speed though controlled bursts. It must be refilled with water and allowed to recharge periodically, however.

Steam Booster Level 9
Lvl 9 4,200gp

+1 equipment bonus to Athletics checks made to jump.
Power (Encounter):
Free Action. Gain a +5 equipment bonus to your next Athletics check made to jump check, or a +3 equipment bonus to speed until the start of your next turn. This item ceases to provide its equipment bonus to Athletics checks for the next hour.

Clockwork Squire
Level: 8
Category: Automaton
Time: 10 hours
Component Cost: 3400
Market Price: 550gp
Key Skill: Thievery

You create an unintelligent clockwork automation that carries things for you in it’s hands or in a backpack. The automaton is a medium sized with a speed of 5 and a strength of 20. Any adjacent creature trained in Thievery can Stop and start a clockwork squire as a standard action and change it’s direction as a minor action.

The clockwork squire is treated as an allied minion (1 hit point, never damaged on a missed attack) with all defenses of 14. It acts just after you do and never makes attacks but can only take move actions. Unless you use an action to stop it or change it’s direction, the clockwork squire moves 5 squares in the same direction it moved in the last turn. It continues to do so for an hour, at which point, it’s spring winds down and it stops.


Item Name Level
Lvl +1 xxxgp Lvl +4 xxxxxgp
Lvl +2 xxxxgp Lvl +5 xxxxxxgp
Lvl +3 xxxxxgp Lvl +6 xxxxxxxgp


Level increase:
Level increase:


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